Welcome to my space.

I am a physicist trained in developing theoretical frameworks and computational methods to address specific research problems in biology. With my main focus on studying pattern formation, organisation in space and time and  the emergence of order in biological systems, I use the frameworks from several branches of Physics to unveil the physical mechanisms underlying the observed phenomena. I am further interested in developing quantitative models applicable to a variety of complex systems, with a particular emphasis on the ubiquity and minimality of the systems and of the models. I am currently part of the Complex Systems lab  led by Prof.  Danielle Bassett at University of Pennsylvania to work on complex networks and  follow my long term interest of learning about structure, organisation and behaviour of  real systems.

More generally, I enjoy finding common rules of interaction, organisation and dynamics in systems that are seemingly disparate. In absence of commonality, I like to find the bridges that stitch disjoint units into a whole. I follow this approach beyond my profession to structure my understanding around the topics from different  aspects of society and  from everyday life. I make some attempts to express my comprehension about the issues that I find challenging and significant in the writing space both, in the form of blogs and occasionally, in the form of poetry.

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