I am a postdoctoral researcher in complex systems lab led by Prof. Danielle Bassett at University of Pennsylvania. My research work involves building minimal mechanistic models for a variety of complex systems. My current work focuses on determining the organizing principles of multiplex networks using the approach of network control theory. Potential applications of this include brain networks, communication networks and social networks. Prior to this, I have worked in the field of soft and active matter theories in groups of Prof. Cristina Marchetti and Prof. Madan Rao. I have also worked on building quantitative models for problems in cell biology in the group of Dr. Guillaume Salbreux at the Francis Crick Institute, London.

My approach to understand and model the behaviour of a given complex system is to first determine the distinct physical components and then to build coupled dynamical models for them as dictated by physical laws. Beyond my immediate research work, I have broader interests in the models of social dynamics. More recently I have begun to venture into scientific writing using the same approach of finding distinct pieces of a given topic and then stitching them together based on their inter-relationships to build a coherent narrative and open to take up freelance opportunities in scientific writing and editing.

Beyond Science, I enjoy reading poetry (especially Hindi & Urdu), Ghazals, Sufi Music and occasional sketching/painting.

Header Image: My first and most arduous hiking trip to Snowdonia National Park. I regretted my decision until I looked back from the heights and captured those :).

Note: I write blogs on scientific and broder topics in writing-space. Scientific topics are publically accessible while some other topics are password protected and contain more personal account of events which had impact on my learning and growth (e.g. PTSD, disassociation & gender-specific struggles). Please reach out for the password if you are interested in reading those.

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